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Really cool character upgrade system, I might just have to steal that idea of yours someday : )

Using the left mouse button triggered my opera mouse gestures, closing the game.

Maybe that's something to take into consideration, hmm...

Oh it'd be great if you stole it I'd be honoured! ^~^ lemme know if you ever do :3

I'll have to add a warning about opera since I wouldn't know how to fix it, thanks for letting me know! :3


Yes I won!! The last level had so much flashing that by the time I was finished it felt like I had been staring at a light. Nice entry :)

Congratz! "so much flashing" tells me you maybe had negative chonky boosters at some point hehehe, thank you very much for playing! <3


After waiting for the update as instructed. This was great. At first I wasn't sure what to do. But then, once I figured out how the build menu and factory mechanic worked, I got it! This was a really cool idea, good execution. Great Entry!

Thank you very much! :3 could you beat the game? :o


Yes, Managed to get to the Victory Screen. Biggest hurdle I noticed. At one point I was not getting enough Attacks generated so I kept running out of Attacks, but then I made it after awhile. :-D